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About Me

My name is Nathan DuPra.  I am an Herbalife Independant Distributor.  I got started in December 2009 and absolutely love running this business.  I get to help others improve their health as I have.

When I got started, I weighed 243 pounds and was very tired ALL the time.  I lost five pounds in four days Christmas week!  I went on to lose 30 pounds in my first 45 days with the Ultimate Program.  From day one, my energy level soared, I no longer took naps after work and no longer felt tired all day long!  My daily heartburn went away and I found out my lactose intollerance was no longer a problem for me.  I went on to lower my heart rate from around 73 beats to around 63 beats per minute and my blood preasure dropped to 107/70!

Now, I study Martial Arts with my son and am in better shape now than I was 20 years ago when I went through Air Force Basic Training.

To date, I have lost a total of 43 pounds and stopped taking three medication!

My business is growing every month!  In two years, my business is doing over $30,000 in sales every month.

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